1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

In 1922 the committee resolved to hold a show the following year, and to prepare by organising an event to raise funds.  They called a special meeting, but only the secretary turned up and it had to be abandoned.  In August 1923 they again resolved to have a show next year and another special meeting … Continue reading 1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

Church Records

I also wondered, as the local curate started it all, if there were any church records about the beginning of NSHS.  So, by a circuitous route via Crockfords Clerical Directory, St Michael`s Wigan and St David`s Haigh, I managed to contact the treasurer from St John`s. He said the only thing he could help me … Continue reading Church Records

NSHS further enquiries – Library of Scotland

The 1883 balance sheet shows they spent 3 shillings on stationary and postage so I thought there may have been some correspondence with the Haigh Estate.  Or there may even have been some earlier correspondence between Rev. James and the Earl or Countess about the beginning of the society or about them coming to the … Continue reading NSHS further enquiries – Library of Scotland