1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

In 1922 the committee resolved to hold a show the following year, and to prepare by organising an event to raise funds.  They called a special meeting, but only the secretary turned up and it had to be abandoned.  In August 1923 they again resolved to have a show next year and another special meeting was called which this time went ahead.  Mr Boyd, the current Head Gardener at Haigh Hall, was asked to act as judge.  He was invited to the meeting and gave a short address on the advantages of a show and a few useful hints in regard to the governing of a show.  Among his suggestions was one that there should be classes for school children for handicrafts etc. and that the teacher should be approached on the matter.  They decided to have a dance in October to raise funds, and subsequent meetings were taken up with planning the dance.  The dance was pronounced a great success and they made £8.1s.5d.

In 1924 they started planning the show in earnest.  They decided to follow the show with a dance in the evening and it took a great deal of time and effort to organise them both.  The committee met twice a month, supported by Mr Boyd and Mr Fairhurst, the headmaster of St John the Baptist School and a plot holder.  They used the 1913 schedule, but spent a lot of time discussing changes to the classes and the prizes to be awarded.  500 schedules were ordered, along with 50 window bills and 250 tickets for the dance.  They hired a band, decorated the schoolroom and ordered refreshments with ice cream and a cake for guess the weight.  The refreshments were served by the committeemen`s wives, who, along with the committee and the patrons, were allowed into the dance free.

I couldn`t find a newspaper account of the 1924 show, but amazingly, one of the other plot holders, who has been a member of NSHS for 50 years has a copy of the schedule.  He found it in his shed when he first took over his plot and has kept it safe ever since.  Here is a copy of the front cover, the rules and some of the classes.



Along with the minutes of the show there is the account of the show fund


There were no further committee meetings recorded after the show, and in the first meeting of 1925 the committee resolved that there would be no show that year.  I can imagine that organising the show was such hard work that they didn`t want to go through it all again.


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