1940s – Everday life on the gardens

Back to the minutes.  They become even scantier during the second world war, with no records for 1940 or 1942 and only the briefest of records from the other years.  Richard Croston continued as secretary and it maybe that he was not very conscientious, or it maybe that the organisation of the society was neglected … Continue reading 1940s – Everday life on the gardens

Allotments for the Unemployed in Lancashire

In the early 1930s John Robson reported that there was great distress in the Lancashire district.  To begin with efforts were concentrated in Barrow-in-Furness, Darwen, Accrington and Warrington.  A chap called John Broughton, the County Land Agent based in Preston, was appointed organiser.  Miss Marguerite Yeo was appointed full time assistant.  I imagine her as … Continue reading Allotments for the Unemployed in Lancashire

1930s – Everyday life on the gardens

In the 1930s the UK experienced an economic depression causing unemployment and widespread poverty, particularly in the industrial areas.   Wigan must have had a reputation for being particularly badly affected as George Orwell was commissioned to write an account of poverty in the North and he visited Wigan in February in 1936, before going on to … Continue reading 1930s – Everyday life on the gardens

The story of Albert Huxley and the Challenge Cup

Pause for another diversion – this time into the more recent past.  The engravings on the Cup show it was awarded each year for ten years.  Rd(Richard) Croston won it in 1930 and 1932, John F Parr in 1931, Fred Beech in 1933 (If you remember, his garden was damaged by boys in 1922) and Albert … Continue reading The story of Albert Huxley and the Challenge Cup

1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

In 1922 the committee resolved to hold a show the following year, and to prepare by organising an event to raise funds.  They called a special meeting, but only the secretary turned up and it had to be abandoned.  In August 1923 they again resolved to have a show next year and another special meeting … Continue reading 1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

Committe Meeting Minutes 1922

So, back to transcribing the minutes. They begin again with the annual meeting in 1922, held in St John the Baptist School, with Rev. M. Owens (the vicar of St John`s at that time) in the Chair and J.  Gibson, secretary.  The minutes of previous meetings were read and confirmed, indicating that there were meetings … Continue reading Committe Meeting Minutes 1922

National Coal Strike 1912

An interesting bit of context that came from my investigation of industrial relations in the nineteenth century is that in 1912, when the NSHS committee was meeting to organise the annual show (I started with the 1912 minutes and newspaper report, right at the beginning of this blog) there was the first national coal strike.  … Continue reading National Coal Strike 1912