The story of Albert Huxley and the Challenge Cup

Pause for another diversion – this time into the more recent past.  The engravings on the Cup show it was awarded each year for ten years.  Rd(Richard) Croston won it in 1930 and 1932, John F Parr in 1931, Fred Beech in 1933 (If you remember, his garden was damaged by boys in 1922) and Albert … Continue reading The story of Albert Huxley and the Challenge Cup

NSHS Balance Sheet 1883

The next step was to view the balance sheet from the Haigh Estate records held by the Wigan Archives.  This turned out to be a small piece of account paper, torn around the edges in a poly pocket for protection.  The account consisted of a list of receipts and expenditure, and it was signed by … Continue reading NSHS Balance Sheet 1883

1912, 1913 shows – newspaper reports

New Springs Horticultural Society (NSHS) allotment gardens were definitely there in 1912, but I wanted to know when they started, whose idea it was and why? Who were the early plotholders?   If the land was rented from the Earl of Crawford there must have been a rental agreement and I wondered if it had survived … Continue reading 1912, 1913 shows – newspaper reports