Garden judging

A prize for the best cropped and best kept garden was awarded as part of the early shows. In 1924 the entrance fee was 6d per double and 4d per single garden and the prize was 5/- for each single and double garden.   Mr Boyd (Haigh Hall head gardener at the time) was asked to … Continue reading Garden judging

1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

In 1922 the committee resolved to hold a show the following year, and to prepare by organising an event to raise funds.  They called a special meeting, but only the secretary turned up and it had to be abandoned.  In August 1923 they again resolved to have a show next year and another special meeting … Continue reading 1924 Annual Show of Fruit and Vegetables

1920s – Every day life on the gardens

I`ve decided that going through the minutes meeting by meeting will be amazingly tedious, so I`m going to take it decade by decade, and pull out anything that seems interesting.  What I will say, related to the previous post, is that by the time of the AGM in February 1923, they had not got money … Continue reading 1920s – Every day life on the gardens

National Coal Strike 1912

An interesting bit of context that came from my investigation of industrial relations in the nineteenth century is that in 1912, when the NSHS committee was meeting to organise the annual show (I started with the 1912 minutes and newspaper report, right at the beginning of this blog) there was the first national coal strike.  … Continue reading National Coal Strike 1912

The politics of Victorian allotments

Pause for another digression. While I was transcribing the minutes I was still interested in the creation of the allotments back in 1881.  It was Rev. James idea to organise the flower shows but were the allotments his idea too?  I have come to the end of that particular avenue of exploration at the moment … Continue reading The politics of Victorian allotments

Minutes of the shows 1913, 1914

Starting in February 1913 the committee held monthly meetings, with Henry (Hy) Gibson in the Chair. They made some alterations to the show schedule and agreed the show would be held on 9th August.  There are some entries which match up with the newspaper reports.  There were resolutions that Mr Boyd (Lord Crawford`s Head gardener) and … Continue reading Minutes of the shows 1913, 1914