Committe Meeting Minutes 1922

So, back to transcribing the minutes.

They begin again with the annual meeting in 1922, held in St John the Baptist School, with Rev. M. Owens (the vicar of St John`s at that time) in the Chair and J.  Gibson, secretary.  The minutes of previous meetings were read and confirmed, indicating that there were meetings during the intervening years, but the minutes no longer exist.  There were items about leakage from the school water closets which was referred to Rev. Owens, that J. Pilkington would attend to the drains, that Mr Fair (Lord Crawford`s agent) would be written to about a wall, and that a new bucket, minute book and receipt book would be bought.  They discussed the judging of the gardens, deciding that they would be judged as past years.  There was also the question of the show fund, and the money being used for other purposes and they resolved to call a special general meeting at some future early date to decide this.

The special general meeting took place in March at which there was a “lengthy discussion with several propositions and amendments made,” but it seems that a minute of the previous meeting stood in the way of these being satisfactorily carried out.  Eventually they resolved that the show fund would be used for show purposes only, carried 7 to 5.  They resolved that there would be no show that year, but a show committee would be formed with a view to organising some event to augment the funds so that a show could be held next year with a sound financial footing.  They also agreed to pay 9/- to Wigan Coal (and Iron Company?) for timber, 21 ½ hours drain cleaning to Jas Pilkington, that locks and gates would be put in repair at once and there would be a new gate in School Street.

In May the Earl of Crawford`s rent was due and it was resolved that if there was not enough money in the treasurers hands that some would be drawn from the bank.  There was a resolution that notices would be posted in regard to dogs damaging fences, that the instructions regarding a new bucket, minute book, locks and gates had been carried out and a wreath had been purchased for the late Mr J. Christopher`s funeral. (I wonder if this was John Christopher who audited the accounts in 1883?)

On July 18th 12 feet of the fence in New Road was pulled down during the night.  The committee met to decide what to do, but because they had no evidence as to who had done it all they could do was to make arrangements for it to be repaired.

There was also an impromptu meeting held on the gardens during July to consider damage done to Fred Beech`s garden by some boys.  They originally resolved to call the police and that they should be prosecuted, but then decided to claim for damages instead.  The Rev. Owens volunteered to go and see their parents, ask them to pay 2/6 each and given them until Saturday to pay.  On the advice of the police they resolved to ask Alf Talbot to paint a sign warning trespassers.

There was a committee meeting called in July for Show purposes but as only one member of the committee turned up the meeting was abandoned.

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