The Place of Women

So – after a brief digression into the history of Victorian flower shows, back to the minutes of NSHS.  Where had I got to – Oh yes, the minutes of the show in 1912.

I just want to briefly mention the place of women.  It has to be a brief mention because there isn`t much to say.  Reading the early minutes certainly gives the impression that NSHS was a male preserve.  The members of the committee were referred to as committee men, and the first committee woman was not recorded until the nineteen eighties.  However the notable exception is Mrs Dr Monks who opened the show in 1912 and awarded the prize money, presumably in her role as wife of a prominent local doctor, but she was knowledgeable enough to offer “a few interesting remarks on horticulture.”  She also came first in the class for beet, and won third prize for the best kept and cropped single garden so she must have been a plot holder in her own right, and she must have been a pretty good gardener.

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