NSHS Balance Sheet 1883

The next step was to view the balance sheet from the Haigh Estate records held by the Wigan Archives.  This turned out to be a small piece of account paper, torn around the edges in a poly pocket for protection.  The account consisted of a list of receipts and expenditure, and it was signed by Thomas Fairhurst. Hon Sec. (who I already knew was the school master) and M Christopher. Auditor.

I wondered how and why this ended up in the Haigh records.  Does it suggest that the Haigh Estate was closely involved with the society?  I had a chat with one of the archivists.  He told me that when Haigh Hall was sold in 1947, the records relating to the estate remained in Wigan while the personal records were taken to Scotland and were now held in the archives of the Library of Scotland.  It might be worth contacting them to see if they have anything relating to NSHS.What did I discover from this? – that they did a lot of carting of something and the land needed a lot of draining.  The allotments were obviously fully functioning at this point. The society paid £6.9s.0d rent for the land and the plotholders paid a total of £13.8s.7d in rent for their plots.  My £.s.d. long division and multiplication is a bit rusty and I don`t know how many allotments there originally were, but I calculate that the rent for a single plot was about 5 shillings. This fits with the earliest account book I found for 1926 when the annual rent for an allotment was 7s 6d.  The biggest expenditure was the prizes at the show – £10.12s 0d, and the liberal subscribers paid £7.2.6d in total.


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